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Paul Mansfield
I paint pictures with words and tell stories with paint. No wonder nobody understands me. Magic springs from the telling of tales.
Where are the corn dogs? — © Paul Mansfield on FLICKR


The Fall Fair affair

“Stay together. Don’t get lost. And don’t play with clowns. They’re perverts hiding under make-up. Decent people don’t paint their faces, and scare children. Keep inside the marker tape. Don’t wander off.”

Momma’s scared of what she don’t know. Baby sis is like Momma, but not me. Poppa weren’t scared…


There could be someone or something waiting…

An empty alleyway
The alley of death, © Paul Mansfield on FLICKR

I pull my jacket around me to fend off the biting winds of October, as I stumble home from a long night of partying with the old gang. I haven’t seen them in eons. Not since the old country. I enjoyed catching up with them, but maybe we had too…


A definite must-see music documentary

The Velvet Underground and Nico, Publicity photo circulated to press by MGM Records/Verve.

Apple TV + hasn’t really interested me until now. Most of the content has been lacklustre, and hasn’t really hit a home run for me to pony up the extra cash to subscribe. But that has changed this month, with the release of Foundation, and The Velvet Underground documentary.



Blurbs for other authors' stories added to your story

Official Microcosm graphic
An official Microcosm image created by Zane Dickens

In order to help readers find more of our excellent fiction (increase reader engagement is the marketing BS term), we may occasionally add another author’s story’s link to the end of your Call to Action for your published pieces, as well as the publication’s Submission Guidelines. …

Official Microcosm graphic
An official Microcosm image created by Zane Dickens


As we grow, our mandate grows with us

With our recent spurt in growth, and with new writers with different backgrounds and interests, we’ve updated our Submission Guidelines, as well as broken out our Formatting Guidelines, to make things easier to follow.

Below, you will find those guides, as well as our editorial philosophy. …


A Halloween playlist

A lit jack-o-lantern
Photo by Eleni Petrounakou on Unsplash

I’ve compiled a short Halloween playlist for your enjoyment — well, my enjoyment, really, but I’m willing to share.

It isn’t a complete Halloween playlist, by any means. It’s simply a dozen songs that I like that have some connection to the supernatural. And in the worst mix tape fashion…


Some monsters are of a different calibre

Photo by Edilson Borges on Unsplash

“Now, honey, there won’t be any monsters under your bed. They wouldn’t dare, now that the charm is under your pillow.”

“I know, mommy. The charm kills monsters dead.”

“Yes, sweetie. Now it’s sleepy time. Lights out.”

And with that, the fool turns off the light and closes the door…

Paul Mansfield

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